Friday, November 23, 2012

Varispeed Head Rebuild

The VS head was removed from the mill when I picked it up, and included in a wooden crate alongside it. First step was removing the motor:


After removing the motor, I pulled the upper housing apart to get bearing numbers and pull all the VS sheaves apart.

Here's a few of them for any other Lagun rebuilders out there:
ballscrew end bearings SKF 7204B (x6)
Suspended sheave NTN 6012 LB
Thrust cap bearing 6007LB
bottom sheave brg 6009LB
bottom backgear bearing 6008LB (x2)
top backgear bearing 6004LB (x2)
Motor bearings 6205Z (x2)

Many of these can be sourced direct from the bearing manufacturer, eBay or elsewhere for cheaper than the OEM who is just acting as a middleman anyways.


Using my recently-purchased bigger lathe, I cleaned up all the sheaves. The outside of the suspended sheave was beat up by a bearing race spinning on it, so I had to add material with the tig welder and turn it down, then bore the inside to make it round again for the glacier sleeve. Given the cost of new sheaves, this job justified all the tooling and accessories I've recently bought for the lathe.


Split the bottom back gear assembly apart, well greased but filthy. More cleaning…


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