Sunday, December 2, 2012

Varispeed Head Pt II

Around May 2012 While I bought many of the bearings from eBay and elsewhere, I purchased a new set of glacier sleeves and guides as well as a parts breakdown and manual from Carmen at Republic-Lagun HQ in Harbor City, California. Carmen is a good guy and has a lot of experience with old machines like mine.

I'm going to try to add dates to all entries from here on out so that other DIY'ers and experimenters can see about how long its taking me to get this project from basket case to functional again. Although I started this blog a couple weeks ago, I traded an automatic nonferrous saw for the mill + $300 cash in early March 2012. I started the rebuild with some seed money from the sale of my Amstar-Foxcon HVI 1/2 manual mill in April.


Added cleaned up sheaves to the back gear section of the varispeed head.


Started bolting pieces back together on the mill - this shows the back gear on the spindle head. It seemed like a much easier way to reassemble than reassembling the head then trying to lift that whole heavy assembly onto the splined driveshaft of the spindle.


Top belt cover on.


Side view


Chain and sheave movement assay in place on the front of the belt cover.


Spun motor shaft as I was getting excited about putting everything back together and realized I needed motor bearings too (face palm). So I pulled the motor apart, got bearing numbers to order more(6205Z x2) and went home with my pride hurt.


Motor-side sheave assembly.

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