Monday, March 25, 2013

Power Supply Pt. 5: Putting it in a cabinet, then another

October 2012 - Feb 2013

After assembling my power supply into the nema box that came with the mill, I realized just how short on space I was for the second set of caps I wanted to run for my 12-24 volt supply. I found a bigger nema box with a disconnect on the outside for $50 from a local surplus shop, and started swapping everything over. I bent up some fence hardware from Ace to hold the caps flat against the backplane and used some of my additional free space to glue a fan to circulate air around the rectifiers.




For the time being I still have a temporary (un-conduited) set of wires running from where power comes in the back of the mill and have set the new power box on top of the original box with a cable running to a pin header in the original box.