Friday, November 23, 2012

Mill Home, Assessment

Here's a few pics after the mill was brought into the shop and before I undertook a massive cleaning effort.DSCF0962DSCF0963DSCF0964 Note the boxes screwed to the top right of the mill head. I'm guessing these were used to output a +/- (selected by switch) 0-10V signal (selected by potentiometer) at the push of the button. From what the previous owner told me it sounds like the mill was used in manual mode for a simple operation like drilling or slotting. Oddly the Y-axis motor was missing completely so I'm assuming they only had X- and Z-axis' hooked up. DSCF0965DSCF0966DSCF0967 Side mounted electronics box with very little left in it. Sure wish they would have left me a power supply. DSCF0968DSCF0969DSCF0970DSCF0971DSCF0972DSCF0973DSCF0974 Erickson QC40 spindle, had a TG100 collet holder stuck in it which was a pain to get out. DSCF0975DSCF0976

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