Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boring updates and electrical work

June-July 2012

Maybe not the most glorious of updates, but I bought a hold down set from eBay and also dug up an automatic bijur luber that I had intended to use on an earlier mill. Both of these got mounted to the side of the mill.


Got the head fully reassembled with new bearings in the motor


Took apart the motor control button so I could make a diagram with wire codes


Another view:


Took off a bunch of old and cut wiring to get down to the minimum necessary to make the head run in forward and reverse


Labeling some wires in preparation:


Close up of rewired panel:


As Red Green would say, this is only temporary… unless it works.


Test bench set up. In the future there will be conduit for all wires and strain relief for the thick black power cord.


Doing all this wiring, I now have forward and reverse buttons working as well as a stop button for the spindle.

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